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Fig 40. Circular cylinder at R=9.6

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“Here, in contrast to figure 24, the flow has clearly separated to form a pair of recirculating eddies. The cylinder is moving through a tank of water containing aluminum powder, and is illuminated by a sheet of light below the tree surface. Extrapolation of such experiments to unbounded flow suggests separation at R=4 or 5, whereas most numerical computations give R=5 to 7.” Photograph by Sadathoshi Taneda

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This post is part of a series on flow separation, studied for the case of flow past a circular cylinder at different Reynolds numbers. The current figure is the first figure of this series displaying flow seperation, although the onset of separation should occur for a Reynolds number around 5.

The main theory and simulation and visualization set-up are discussed in the web post from Figure 42. The full series is:

An overview of these posts can be viewed here: